Melbourne Association of Software Testers (MAST)

Second meeting

It's been a hectic period since I initially tried to get this off the ground. There has been activity, but much of it behind the scenes. This year, I'm opening things up a bit more. We're going to start the year with an informal social session. Through this, I'm hoping that we can have some more international presentations, some low-cost or free workshops as well as some roundtable discussions. If you'd like to join us, please click this link

If you would like further information, please email me.

The next meeting is scheduled for the last Thursday of February, the 28th. Venue will be advised through the Ning group, so please sign up!

MAST objectives

We are seeking passionate, opinionated, seasoned software testers to form a community of testing professionals here in Melbourne. We hope to build a testing community based on open communication, information sharing and robust discussion.

At this stage we assume there will be no cost to attendees, however there is the possibility of some expense for special events or venues from time to time to cover costs. Less experienced testers and other interested parties will be welcome to attend meetings.


We intend to begin with modest, easily attainable goals -

  • To establish an open community of expert software testing practitioners.
  • To create a collaborative environment such that software testers can share and promote ideas and knowledge.
Longer term, there may also be opportunites to bring overseas testing experts to present and teach.

To express interest in presenting, or for more information, please visit